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Paho/Project Plan

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The initial timeline was presented at the first M2M Industry Working Group face-to-face meeting. The slides are here: http://wiki.eclipse.org/images/d/d4/PahoTimeLine2012.zip


4Q11 Project Provisioning (done)

1Q12 MQTT initial contribution; Client Architecture for Sandbox (done)

2Q12 MQTT Documentation, Tutorials, Cookbook; MQTT over WebSockets

3Q12 Basic end-to-end Sandbox Stack

4Q12 MQTT Client Release 1; Additional Languages and Bindings; Application Frameworks and Eclipse Plugins


???? Join Kepler release train in 2013?

Plans and needs

Some idea of [[Paho/Repository#Future_needs|potential code additions] are on the page discussing the Repository structure.

Creation of a project plan in the standard Eclipse format is TODO.

Task list

  • Binary releases of C and Java clients for download
  • Tutorials for C and Java clients
  • how to build and use C client on iOS
  • test suite
  • protocol compliance suite for reference implementations
  • update MQTT specification with mqtt.org / mailing list clarifications