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Paho/Project Call Minutes

The Paho project is holding bi-weekly calls. Participation is aimed at those actively contributing to project code, testing and integration.

The generally informal meetings are held via teleconference and minutes will be posted here on the Paho Wiki, and on the Mailing List to encourage broader discussion and participation.

August 7, 2012


  • Ian Craggs
  • Andy Gelme
  • Nick O'Leary
  • Marco Carrer
  • Scott de Deugd

Committer Status

Paho has seen more committer status changes than was expected. This is a positive sign it but needs to be worked more efficiently.

  • Delayed committer status for Andy Gelme caused some unnecessary problems, so Scott gave an update on what he has learned on committer status. A typical path in Eclipse is to start as contributor, followed by the team requesting committed status . However with a major new contribution like the Lua client, Scott said he should have immediately submitted a nomination for Andy Gelme. That has now been done, voting completed, and all paper work submitted to Eclipse. The Eclipse process is necessarily thorough, but can be worked through fairly efficiently.
  • One of the initial Paho committers, Chad Kienle, no longer works at Eurotech. Committer status does stay with the individual, however Eclipse requires a refresh of the agreements in this case, so he may decide to change his committer status.
  • Eurotech is going to contribute their next major update of the Eclipse client through an existing committer (Dave or Ian) so we can run a new committer nomination for that component at a later date.
  • Overall, the team feels that as new project there is growing work and opportunity, so we should build a case for new committers based on role even it there is no immediate major code contribution. Nick O'Leary indicated he would like to do this, so Scott will work with him on nomination. There was also unanimous agreement on the value Andy Piper brings to the MQTT community and Paho so we would like to put together a nomination for him as well, and will discuss further at next call when he is available.

Project Overall

  • A project roadmap is needed. Scott will circulate a proposed format. A number of key items have already been identified for the roadmap that need to be proposed and scheduled:
    • Test suites and spec conformance
    • SSL support
    • iOS (C) and Android (Java) adaption and documentation
  • Andy is going to look into working the directory structure for the Lua client
  • Marco is mavenizing the latest Paho code from the EGit repository. Nick suggested he create it as patch on Bugzilla.

July 10, 2012


  • Scott de Deugd
  • Ian Craggs
  • Andy Gelme
  • Nick O'Leary
  • Marco Carrer
  • Dave Locke
  • Arlen Nipper

MQTT C and Java Clients

  • Dave is still working on a Java update and responding to Bugzilla and the mailing list.
  • Dave pointed out that changes to the Java client originally submitted at project creation at the end of 2011, had changed between then and when it was approved. Scott will check the IP process and Bugzilla to confirm that the final approval was based on the Java version that was committed to the EGit repository.
  • Ian is monitoring and updating the Bugzilla status for C client.
  • A stray copyright statement in the Doxygen configuration has cased some delays in getting the C client through the Eclipse IP process. This is a minor issue.
  • Regarding iOS and Android: Dave said the C and Java clients are working well on iOS and Android. However there may be more work needed to make the "look and feel" more like their respective platforms. Marco offered to either submit a Bugzilla report or start a mailing list discussion on this topic .
  • Dave mentioned that a recently acquired IBM product, Worklight, is providing MQTT support on mobile platforms via PhoneGap.
  • There was some discussion about Mosquitto's SSL support and if the Paho clients support it. Dave said that the Java client has SSL support, and it is being worked into the C client. Andy G will look into this for the Lua client.

Other Project Related

  • In response to a request that the MQTT client documentation be readable directly on the Paho website (e.g. not via EGit), Scott is putting up the C-Client documentation html files Ian generated with Doxygen. There does not appear to be a Doxygen to Wikimedia converter and the html files are displaying a 404 error. It was suggested he try an html-to-wiki converter to put them on the Eclipse Wiki. (edit: the html version seems to be working fine and can be found on the Paho Documentation webpage.
  • A new IBM Redbook on MQTT is available in draft form. There is a link on the Paho Documentation webpage linked above.
  • Marco indicated that their Eclipse committer for the Paho MQTT Client Eclipse View component is no longer with the company. Scott pointed out that committer status goes go with the individual. Marco thinks that it is best for the project longer term to look at bring a new committer on. Scott will look into this and send Marco the steps need to get it started.
  • There was a comment on the MQTT Google Group that there questioning about the licensing/IP terms around the MQTT protocol specification. Dave pointed out that the most recently published version of the MQTT protocol specification was published with open royalty free term based on community feedback. Nick thinks this has been resolved on the list, but it is important to make it clear when possible. Scott will be updating the groups soon on the status of the proposal to take the protocol specification to an open standards community.
  • Scott has started to look into the status of the MQTTs specification and said that at initial glance it appears that there will be support and interest in doing the work needed to publish it with open royalty free terms. He is continuing to look into this, and for any implementations and implementers who may be interested in Paho. One of the people interested in MQTTS is Bart Van Der Meerssche from
  • It was noted that EclipseCon Europe is coming up and that papers/talks on M2M, IoT and MQTT are welcomed.
  • There is regular community discussion on the IRC channel #mqtt on

June 26, 2012


  • Scott de Deugd
  • Ian Craggs
  • Andy Piper
  • Nick O'Leary
  • Dave Locke

MQTT and Wireshark

Dave said that Wireshark can be used to analyze running MQTT implementations and is aware that a few such attempts have been made. Dave feels like an MQTT plugin for Wireshark would be quite useful.

MQTT C (and Java) Client

  • Dave Locke has been monitoring Bugzilla and mailing list is planning a bulk update for the Java client, consolidating the issues raised on Bugzilla and the mailing list. Dave was asked to clear up the MIDP issue in particular.
  • Feedback on the call was that Ian and Dave should go through and update the Bugzilla status and content for issues they have investigated and/or are working.
  • There was some discussion on making Paho client run on on iOS. Dave said the C binaries and jar files are well defined. Ian is going to look into some more, including the possibility of docs/help on how to use Paho with iOS.

MQTT Related Forums

  • MQTT-S: There is open community interest and discussion around MQTT-S. It was pointed out that there has been some published work on this at IBM Research. Some questions have been answered but more needs to be done. Scott took some action items:
    • Find out current state of any licensing or copyright terms around the MQTT-S specification
    • Determine if there are any known product implementations or reference implementations.
  • MQTT Protocol Specification
    • The MQTT Google Group mailing list seems to be the collection point for clarifications, ideas, requests and issues around the MQTT specification but other discussion occur. An effort needs to be started to:
      • summarize and document clarifications requested to the existing V3.1 specification, either as an addendum or update. (no changes clarification only).
      • summarize and document suggested input for next version (e.g. V3.2) of the specification
      • provide links to above documentation
    • Although Paho project is primarily about MQTT implementations, it was suggested that Scott kickoff this discussion and work-effort via the Paho mailing list and include current status on formal standardization efforts for the current spec. Nick agreed to cross post where needed on other forums.
    • (edit) There has been a reasonable effort at capturing requests for clarifications and additions on the wiki MQTT protocol page.
  • (edit) Andy has since posted his guide to MQTT community forums.

Penlight and lapp.lua

There was some discussion around this. (can others on the call please edit Wiki with a summary?)

June 12, 2012

The first Paho project call was set up to cover the format/purpose of future calls, current status, and suggested topics needed for near and short term plans. We had brief introductions. It turned out there was much to cover, so we focused on Paho component status, next steps and needed work. We agreed to discuss short and long term planning on future calls.


  • Scott de Deugd
  • Ian Craggs
  • Andy Gelme
  • Andy Piper
  • Wes Johnson
  • Nick O'Leary

MQTT C (and Java) Client

Dave Locke was not able to make the call so Ian covered C and Java Clients:

- Ian and Dave are working minor bugs and suggestions. Please use the Paho Dev forum or Bugzilla to discuss these.

- We discussed feedback that current committers and others at IBM, Eurotech and others familiar with MQTT design/usage need to try and get more involved in community. Nick O'Leary, who has been engaged in the Eclipse and forums was on the call and made some comments later on in the call.

- A Paho near term goal is to get up binary files in the Repository.

- Ian is looking into the availability of code to test MQTT Client installations and ports. Feedback, participation and new contributions are welcome. It was suggested that a protocol level compatibility test suite for MQTT and its design points needs to be a Paho plan item.

- Another item Ian is considering for Paho is an MQTT tracing program to monitor the interactions between the client and the server.

- Andy Piper mentioned that the original Paho Git Directory structure needs to be changed. A few options were discussed and Andy agreed to put a proposal and discussion on the Paho Wiki.

MQTT Related Forums

- Andy Piper gave everyone a brief level set on the main Paho community forums:, the Google Groups MQTT Mailing List, and the Eclipse Paho Development Mailing List

- Andy is planning a blog post to discuss these forums and how they can best be used together to build the MQTT community.

MQTT Lua Client

- Andy Gelme is contributing a Lua implementation of the MQTT client. He submitted his proposal in Eclipse Bugzilla and has created a Paho branch in Github. He has already put some fixes in there.

- The Lua CLient contribution needs to be pushed further in the process. Scott and Ian have been working through a few internal process issues in order to to access and review this code. They will report back to the group on progress.

- Andy shared that his objectives, for this and other projects he has underway, are to get MQTT in as many places as possible with a focus on graphical interactive applications on Lua clients such as iOS and Android.

- He plans to publish some of his projects in the future including; running the Paho client on Android, and its integration with the Arduino Processing language.

- Andy suggested that this group consider looking further into MQTTs, its status and inclusion in the MQTT open community.

- He has support for the iPad Codea IDE so that iPad applications can be built to talk MQTT.

Eclipse based MQTT Client

- Eurotech is contributing an MQTT Client to run in the Eclipse environment itself. It is an Eclipse IDE plugin, built as a wrapper that they have refactored to work with the current Paho Java implementation.

- Wes Johnson reported that the work is done but the committer (Chad Kienle) is running into issues with EGit access. Scott will work this out with Chad.

Community Building

- Nick O'Leary observed that there are a lot of excellent discussions, suggestions and issues about MQTT protocol that are not being picked up by the implementation folks in Paho. Much information has been gathered but what are we going to do with it?

- A suggestion was made that a road map for the protocol including plans for standardization, should be followup up by this group on this call. Nick suggested we start with "What would a v3.2 look like?".

- Scott pointed out that the Paho project and the Eclipse M2M Industry Working Group were chartered to collaborate with standards ans other open community efforts that are important to growing and supporting the M2M market per our goals. There is still strong interest in taking the MQTT protocol to a body like OASIS for standardization. Scott will report any new developments here.

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