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 Who's Who in Paho

This is a space for contributors to list their information, links, and contributions, as well as providing a short list of "useful names" of people who have had an influence on the project and the MQTT protocol. Fields optional, but this helps people understand where others fit during calls, meetups etc..

Name Links Contribution / role / interests Affiliation (if relevant) Location / Timezone
Scott de Deugd Project lead. IBM US
Ian Craggs Paho Committer: MQTT C client. Author of IBM Really Small Message Broker IBM UK / UTC
Dave Locke Paho Committer: MQTT Java client. IBM UK / UTC
Nick O'Leary


Paho Committer. Original MQTT Java client developer, formerly Lead Developer of Lotus Expeditor MicroBroker and one-time Team Lead of MQ Telemetry; author of Arduino MQTT client; all-around uber hacker; maintains IBM UK / UTC
Wes Johnson Eurotech US
James Brangian Co-founder of Paho project and M2M IWG. Band XI US
Patrick Dempsey Co-founder of Paho project and M2M IWG. Band XI US
Andy Stanford-Clark @andysc Co-author of the original MQTT protocol. Perl hacker by preference. Destroyer of mice (aka automated mousetrap creator). Twittering ferry mastermind. IBM IoW, UK :-) / UTC
Andy Piper



Paho Committer: samples and community. community cheerleader; speaker, blogger, hacker VMware / Eclipse UK / UTC
Chad Kienle Paho Committer: MQTT Eclipse tooling developer Eurotech US
Andy Gelme



Aiko Platform

Paho Committer: MQTT Lua client. Aiko platform developer. Home automation, M2M and IoT. Geekscape Melbourne, Australia
Arlen Nipper Co-author of the original MQTT protocol. Co-founder of Paho project and M2M IWG. Developing application framework for Paho with goal to contribute. US
Marco Carrer Eurotech US
Nicolas Deverge


Arduino lover, and would like to contribute to Paho ;-) ekito France / UTC+1
Werner Keil  @wernerkeil UOMo lead, likes to help Paho with proper integration of Sensors, Measurement Units and related standards like UCUM. CATMedia Denmark / UTC+1

NB Andy Gelme has proposed that, in the spirit of Monty Python and based on name distribution in the project, that instead of Bruce, all contributors should change their names to "Andy"

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