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PTP Tutorials

Note: future tutorials always incorporate the latest release of PTP, as well as feedback from previous tutorials.

  • ScicomP13 (Lugano, Switzerland, May 28, 2013) - based on IBM Parallel Environment Developer Edition
  • SEA13 (Boulder, CO, April 4-5, 2013) - based on Juno SR2
  • SC12 (Salt Lake City, UT Nov 12 2012) -based on Juno and PTP 6.0
  • XSEDE 2012 (Chicago, IL on 16 July 2012) - this is the first tutorial based on Juno and PTP 6.0
  • SEA 2012 (Boulder, CO, 24 February 2012) - Equivalent to modules 1-3 of the SC11 tutorial
  • PTP Older Tutorials

Related and specific tutorials

PTP tutorials based on Juelich systems - from Juelich Scientific Center

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