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PTP/release announcement

Revision as of 09:15, 15 May 2013 by (Talk | contribs) (Things to do for big releases e.g. SR0, SR1, SR2)

Reminders for announcing a PTP release.

For information about building a release, see Release Engineering

Things to do

  • Enable PTP-specific update site with content (possibly moving most, but not all content prior to release day, so mirrors can populate)
    • This is located at:
    • Copy there, Unpack there, and move proxy file there as well.
    • Copy as well to downloads/tools/ptp/builds - make a new e.g. 6.0.x directory, and copy everything there; this is our archive for the release
    • Add a link on the build wiki page PTP/builds for the release and point to the archive page (previous bullet) - for 6.0.x this is under Release Builds
  • Email to mailing lists: ptp-dev, ptp-user, ptp-announce, photran
  • Wiki: update builds page to include the release date and (possibly) make a new builds page for the next release

    • Pointer to content in ptp help (doc.user and help) plugins

Things to do for big releases e.g. SR0, SR1, SR2

  • Docs
    • Update release number in all help plugins (html content refers to this in some places) if they refer to it
    • On doc.php - documentation page add links to appropriate info
  • Update PTP help jars for
    • Copy all the ptp project help jars to one convenient place - for indigo it was /home/data/httpd/ and help/sr1
    • add to the bugzilla bug asking they be copied to eclipse help servers. For Juno this is
  • Update New & Noteworthy on wiki
  • Review Release Notes - clone for a new major release
  • PTP Wiki FAQ, etc probably need updating with info about "latest" release etc.
  • Test updating e.g. just what's included in EPP Parallel Package
  • Update PTP/Committers_and_Contributors page on each major release (June)

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