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Release Schedule


  • PTP Milestone builds:
    • M2 Tue, September 27, 2011
    • M3 Tue, November 8, 2011
    • M4 Tue, December 13, 2011
    • M5 Tue, January 31, 2012
    • M6 Tue, March 20, 2012
    • M7 Tue, May 8, 2012
  • Release candidate builds:
    • RC1 Tue, May 22, 2012
    • RC2 Tue, May 29, 2012
    • RC3 Tue, June 5, 2012
    • RC4 Tue, June 12, 2012
  • Release Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Juno Support

  • PTP will be updated to support Juno (Eclipse 4.2 and CDT 8.1).


  • New refactorings

Synchronized Projects

  • New project wizard
  • Convert to sync project wizard
  • Filtering

Resource Managers

  • The Parallel Monitoring perspective will be deprecated
  • The Resource Managers view will be deprecated
  • All resource managers will be transitioned to JAXB
  • Explicit configuration of resource managers will no longer be required:
    • Users will choose a template from the Resources tab when creating a launch configuration. They will optionally be able to specify a connection to use, but this will only be required if the JAXB configuration does not specify a connection
    • A system monitor will be automatically configured if specified in the JAXB configuration. If so, the user will be prompted to switch to the system monitoring perspective and the monitor automatically started (if not already).
    • Users' can add system monitors for arbitrary systems via the system monitoring perspective.
  • The IResourceManager APIs will be deprecated, but existing implementations will be retained

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