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Release Schedule

Info: http://eclipse.org/projects/project_summary.php?projectid=tools.ptp

  • Milestone builds:
    • M1 Friday, August 21, 2009
    • M2 Friday, October 2
    • M3 Friday, November 13
    • M4 Friday, December 18
    • M5 Friday, February 5, 2010
    • M6 Friday, March 19
    • M7 Friday, May 7
  • Release candidate builds:
    • RC1 Friday, May 21
    • RC2 Friday, May 28
    • RC3 Friday, June 4
    • RC4 Friday, June 11
  • Release Wednesday, June 23

External Tools Framework

  • External Tools Feedback view - takes an XML file, presumably generated by an external tool (ETFw supported, or a compiler, or another performance tool, etc. etc. ) and produces an eclipse view with items mapped to source code lines. (Beth Tibbitts)

Helios Support

  • PTP will be updated to support Helios (Eclipse 3.6 and CDT 7.0).


  • Photran is now part of PTP and will be available from the same update site.

Parallel Debugger

  • The parallel debugger contains a number of bug fixes and API enhancements.

Parallel Language Development Tools

  • Bug fixes for MPI and OpenMP tools. (Beth)
  • Hope to have new UPC project wizard as well.

Remote Development Tools

  • Bug fixes/improvements

Resource Managers

  • Support for SLURM
  • Support for PBS
  • MPICH2 now uses the same RM infrastructure as Open MPI
  • RM's can now supply their own UI elements
  • RM's use service model for configuration information

Service Configurations

  • New service configuration preferences page
  • New service configuration project properties page
  • Service configuration view
  • Service model events
  • Import/export service configurations