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PTP 1.0

PTP 1.0 was released in March 2006. This is the original release plan. Release Review for 1.0 was held on 15 Aug 2006, and we passed with flying colors.

PTP 1.1

PTP 1.1 was released in March 2007. This is the original release plan. The release review for 1.1 was held on March 9, 2007. Slides used for the review can be found here.

PTP 2.0

PTP 2.0 will be be released in Late 2007/Early 2008. The exact date is yet to be determined. This release will include some significant new functionality.

  • Slides showing a preview of what will be included in the 2.0 release are available here.

Remote Development Tools

A remote development solution using CDT. This project is in the planning phase. There may be some overlap with PTP 2.0

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