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Photran 6.0 (Eclipse 3.6 Helios/CDT 7.0)

Photran 6.0 User's Guide Getting started, basic editing, troubleshooting, etc.
Photran 6.0 Advanced Features Refactoring, content assist, declaration view, language-based search and navigation

The previous release of Photran was Photran 5.0 (Eclipse 3.5 Galileo/CDT 6.0). The Photran 5.0 User's Guide and Photran 5.0 Advanced Features manual are still available.
The next major release of Photran will be Photran 7.0. Currently under development are the Photran 7.0 Installation Guide, the Photran 7.0 User's Guide, and Photran 7.0 Advanced Features manual.

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