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Photran 5.0 User's Guide

IMPORTANT: For the time being, this is just an outline of the documentation we intend to write before the release of Photran 5.0 in September, 2009. It is not useful yet. Of course, you are welcome to fill in any sections you wish... this is a wiki!

Installing Photran


  • System requirements
  • Special instructions for Windows, Mac users

Starting a New Project


Managed Make


Standard Make


Writing Code


  • The Fortran Perspective
  • The Fortran Projects View
  • Using the Fortran editor and Fortran perspective
    • Selecting free vs. fixed form; watermark indicating content type mismatch
    • Outline view - note Source Form marker in top, skull & crossbones
    • Overview of the Fortran editors (incl. rulers, folding, smart highlighting)
    • Comment/uncomment
    • Setting bookmarks
    • Go to line (Ctrl+L)
    • Configuring the editor
      • Selecting horizontal ruler vs. folding
      • Setting colors for syntax highlighting
      • Showing print margin
      • Spaces instead of tabs
      • Show whitespace
      • Set font
      • Show line numbers

Compiling Fortran Programs


  • refer to CDT
  • Setting make targets - refer to CDT
  • Error parsers
  • Binary parsers - need to change if no "Run as Local Fortran App" menu item

Running and Debugging Fortran Programs


  • refer to CDT
  • Setting breakpoints
  • Note compiler-specific problems

Advanced Features


  • Enabling
    • Checkboxes in project properties
    • Include paths
    • Module paths
  • Fortran Analysis/Refactoring Problems view
  • Fortran Declaration view
  • Content assist
  • Search and navigation
    • Open declaration
    • Find references
    • Fortran search dialog
  • Refactoring
    • Introduction - note fixed form not supported
    • How to activate
      • Refactor menu (if in editor)
      • Editor context menu (if in editor)
      • Fortran Projects View context menu (multiple files)
    • Instructions for individual refactorings



  • FAQ
  • Mailing list

Beyond Photran


  • Using Photran with other Eclipse plug-ins
    • Subversion support
    • PTP/RDT
    • RSE

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