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PTP/new and noteworthy/6.0.0

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The following are new features that will be available in PTP 6.0 and Photran 8.0, to be released with Eclipse Juno (4.2) June 27, 2012.

Placeholder for New and Noteworthy for PTP 6.0.0

System Management

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  • New RM/Configuration simplification
  • Modules

Parallel Language Development Tools

  • OpenACC added
  • OpenSHMEM added
  • LAPI removed
  • MPI support upgraded to MPI standard 2.2
  • OpenMP support upgraded to OpenMP 3.1

Remote Development Tools (RDT)

Synchronized Projects

Synchronized projects consist of files that are mirrored on the local system as well as on one or more remote systems. Editing occurs locally and each file is synchronized with the currently active remote system when it is changed, created, or deleted. This enables faster interaction with the files and editor, more CDT editor features since the files are local, and continued interaction for editing etc. if the network connection is lost.

New Features for PTP 6.0 include....


Fortran (Photran)

The PTP/new_and_noteworthy/5.0.0 is also available - new features in the previous release of PTP.

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