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PTP/new and noteworthy/5.0.0

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Please add new features in PTP 5.0 here and we'll build our N&N/help item from this. Images too please!

"New and Noteworthy" is a tradition for Eclipse projects - an interesting way to present our new features. Screenshots and enticing examples are best! But any information at all is welcome - we can get screenshots later.

The PTP/new_and_noteworthy/4.0.0 is also available.

PTP Resource Managers

Remote Development Tools (RDT)

Parallel Language Development Tools (PLDT)

Photran 7

Code Templates

Code templates make it easier to type common Fortran constructs. For example, by typing "pro", pressing Ctrl+Space, and then pressing Enter to choose the "program...end program" template, Photran will automatically fill in "program <name>" and "end program <name>" statements. As you type the program name, both the "program" and "end program" statements will be adjusted accordingly. Then, press the Tab key to begin filling in the body of the program.


"Correct Indentation" Command

Correct Indentation adjusts the indentation of the selected text in the editor (or the entire file if no text is selected). The current tab width (configured in the workspace preferences) is assumed to constitute one level of indentation.


Editor Improvements

Tabs-to-spaces conversion and custom tab width

It is now possible to set the "convert tabs to spaces" option in the Fortran editor without setting it workspace-wide. It is also possible to set a custom tab width for the Fortran editor.


New Horizontal Ruler

The Fortran editor has a new horizontal ruler. It looks a bit nicer, shows tab stops, and (unlike in previous versions) works in both the free- and fixed-form editors, even when folding is enabled.


New Refactorings

Improved Indexer Performance

Bug Fixes

  • Parser Bugs
  • Managed Make

External Tools Framework (ETFw)

Graphical Explorer of MPI Programs (GEM)

Parallel Performance Wizard (PPW)

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