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=== "Correct Indentation" Command ===
=== Editor Improvements ===
=== Editor Improvements ===
* '''Correct Indentation Command''' [[Image:PhotranCorrectIndentation.gif]]
'''Tabs-to-spaces conversion'''
* '''New Horizontal Ruler''' [[Image:PhotranHorizRuler.png]]
* '''Tabs-to-spaces conversion'''
'''New Horizontal Ruler'''
=== New Refactorings ===
=== New Refactorings ===

Revision as of 16:20, 29 March 2011

Please add new features in PTP 5.0 here and we'll build our N&N/help item from this. Images too please!

"New and Noteworthy" is a tradition for Eclipse projects - an interesting way to present our new features. Screenshots and enticing examples are best! But any information at all is welcome - we can get screenshots later.

The PTP/new_and_noteworthy/4.0.0 is also available.

PTP Resource Managers

Remote Development Tools (RDT)

Parallel Language Development Tools (PLDT)

Photran 7

Code Templates


"Correct Indentation" Command


Editor Improvements

Tabs-to-spaces conversion

New Horizontal Ruler


New Refactorings

Improved Indexer Performance

Bug Fixes

  • Parser Bugs
  • Managed Make

External Tools Framework (ETFw)

Graphical Explorer of MPI Programs (GEM)

Parallel Performance Wizard (PPW)

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