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PTP/meetings/December 2010

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December 2010 Meeting

Date: December 14, 2010 Time: 1:00 PM EST

Call in information:

Toll Free (US): 888-426-6840
Toll Free (Germany): 0800-000-1018
Toll Free (UK): 0808-234-5071
Passcode: 2221402


  1. Status Reports
    • SC10 recap
    • Next builds, releases (4.0.x, 5.0)
    • PTP EPP / Parallel package status (single archive install)
    • RDT and remote status
    • Resource Managers
    • PLDT
    • ETFw, other tool integrations (GEM, PPW, etc.)
    • Photran
    • Other PTP contributions
  2. Other Business
  3. Next meeting - January 11, 2011


  • Greg Watson, IBM
  • Beth Tibbitts, IBM
  • Wyatt Spear, U.Oregon
  • Dave Wootton, IBM
  • Jay Alameda, NCSA
  • Jeff Overbey, UIUC
  • Al Rossi, NCSA
  • Chris Recoskie, IBM
  • Mike Kucera, IBM
  • Roland Schulz, UTK


  • SC10 recap: Tutorial had good reviews, but networking and room temperature were bad. Next year suggestions: wires at desks, use a local cluster, have users install ahead of time (as we suggested this year), single archive install (e.g. using parallel package that will be part of indigo)
    • Tutorial attendance: 28 on attendance list (confirm)
    • BOF attendance: Greg counted 40; attendee list shows 35?(confirm)
  • PTP release 4.0.x
    • next release not until Feb unless someone needs it
  • PTP release 5.0
    • M4 is today; now building against latest CDT 8.0; aggregating starts tomorrow
  • PTP EPP Package
    • what to include? Intel compiler support? but this is linux specific but ought to be ok; add Linux Tools Project? e.g. autoconf. Need to think about this. PyDev? this is from sourceforge so can't include it in our EPP package
  • RDT and Remote status (Chris R)
    • Victor Liu is running RDT tests against RemoteTools; found some bugs
  • Resource Managers
    • Meeting at SC and other meetings; working on scalability, esp. monitoring large systems. e.g. 30k nodes or more. Separate control and monitoring. Targeting LLView from Juelich as monitoring. handles schedules e.g. LL, PBS. displays compactly and efficiently. Juelich is integrating with Eclipse with help from NCSA. Still wkg on design, interactions between control and monitoring etc. Unlikely to have done by API and feature freeze dates. Res Mgr Infrastructure to change also to adapt to this.
  • PLDT - no news
  • ETFw
    • Feedback view is now remote enabled (Beth T).
    • Wyatt: wkg on rest of ETFw remote-enablement. Careful not to do stuff in UI thread.
  • GEM, PPW- no news (Alan, Max not in attendance)
  • Photran (Jeff)
    • Ralph's SW Engineering class is building refactorings. Will have 3-6 of these as candidates to contribute to Photran soon. Doing IP work now.
    • Jeff surveyed the class on Photran API. Problems getting Eclpse and PHotran installed were worse than expected!
    • Greg looking at Fortran with PTP debugger. gdb on Mac doesn't work with gfortran. Linux - ?
  • User call to be 4th Tuesday 11:00 AT ET CORRECTION 4th Wed 2pm ET
    • Need a presentation topic e.g. tip of the month or something.
  • EPP testing - who will test parallel package?
    • Jay, Windows; Greg and Beth, Mac; Wyatt, Linux; Galen, Linux on Power (Jay will confirm for Galen)
  • Next meeting Jan 11

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