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PTP/meetings/April 2010

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April 2010 Meeting

Date: April 13, 2010 Time: 1:00 PM EST

Call in information:

Toll Free (US): 1 877-421-0033
Toll Free (Germany): 0800-181-6323
Local (US): +1 770-615-1250
Local (Germany): +49 695-170-9081
Passcode: 583191


  1. Status Reports
    • PTP 3.0.1 release
    • PTP 4.0 Helios build and status
    • RDT and remote status
    • Resource Managers
    • PLDT
    • ETFw
    • Photran
  2. Other Business
  3. Next meeting


  • Greg Watson, IBM
  • Dave Wootton, IBM
  • Wyatt Spear, U. Oregon
  • Beth Tibbitts, IBM
  • Chris Derrick, U. Utah
  • Jeff Overbey, UIUC
  • Roland Schulz, UTK
  • Al Rossi, NCSA
  • Prashobh Balasundaram, IBM
  • Vivian Kong, IBM


  1. Status Reports
    • PTP 3.0.1 release
    • PTP 4.0 Helios build and status
      • Release planning documentation: Simultaneous Release Plan and Eclipse Simultaneous Release Info and Simultaneous Release Tracker FAQ
      • Bug to track our work on this: Bug 308569
      • Change to be made include message bundles (externalize strings), MANIFEST changes e.g. execution environment. Greg will make some of these changes. Everyone should make whatever required changes they can when they are checking in other changes. Make sure plugins are jarred.
      • Using internal/non-API classes (e.g. CDT): we may need to ask for exceptions. Doug said to make our best effort and ask for Exceptions for the rest. f
      • Greg will write up something on API policy and ramp-down policy.
      • RC1 is May 14. Feature/API freez after that. We will announce on ptp-dev list. RC1+2 is May 18 (our build date). Freeze on May 11, or 1 week before.
    • RDT and remote status - Vivian Kong: Haven't spent much time on HEAD, most changes made to 2.1.4 for product release. will be porting ptp_2_1 branch changes to HEAD. ptp_3_0 will not be updated. Will keep Helios compliance issues in mind when changing.
    • Resource Managers - Al Rossi, Roland Schulz
    • PLDT - Beth Tibbitts: doing JUnit tests, OpenMP fixes; ETFw feedback view work.
    • ETFw - Wyatt Spear: mostly in compliance for Helios already
    • Photran - Jeff Overbey Fortran 2008 support seems OK. C preprocessor support is in HEAD, currently testing it. Alejandra Garrido's student in Argentina is working on refactorings, but not for Helios.
      • Photran debugger status is same as last year - OK (works with PTP). CDT is getting the Photran property pages - due to Photran vs CDT nature. Jeff will fix. Must assure nature is filtering correctly.
    • ISP - Chris Derrick: ISP name change to GEM (Graphical Explorer for MPI). GEM is the Eclipse GUI; ISP is the underlying analysis code. This is done and code will be sent via bugzilla bug in about a week. No dependencies on ETFw.
    • PPW - can't build because of jar files that don't exist. (Max B will work on this). Wyatt made chagnes to TAU to communicate over command line. a non-trivial refactoring was required to do this. Will tell Max what he did.
  2. Other Business
    • Dave W - protocol work between proxy and client should be done within about a week.
  3. Next meeting

Next Meeting

  • Tues May 11

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