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Design Documents

PTP 2.x Design Document 
A detailed design description of the PTP 2.x architecture
PTP 1.x Design Document 
Provides a description of the overall design of the PTP 1.x architecture


Resource Manager Monitoring/Control Framework  
Framework for monitoring/controlling resource managers
Services Framework Extensions  
Extensions to PTP to provide a services framework
External Tools Framework (ETFw) 
Preliminary design of External Tools Framework (was the Performance Tools Framework)
Scalable Communication Infrastructure (SCI) 
Design and API documentation for the scalable communication infrastructure

Remote Services Support

Remote Services API 
Description of the Remote Services API provided by PTP
Remote Requirements 
Requirements for remote service support
Remote Support Evaluation 
Evaluation of related work for remote service support
CDT and EFS and Remote Build 
Evaluation of CDT for EFS support, esp. remote file system
Remote Support Progress 
Progress for remote service support
Remote Development Tools 
Designs for Remote Development Tools
Using RDT and Remote Services from Other Plug-ins 
Notes from calls and discussions about remote-enabling other plugins, including the rest of PTP, including PLDT, ETFw, and Photran
Synchronization as an alternative for remote development 
Ideas and Designs for an alternative to RDT/RemoteTools/RSE by synchronizing files using Rsync, GIT, ...

Resource Manager Support

Configurable Resource Manager XML Guide 
A detailed guide to the XML Schema for the new Configurable Resource Manager, along with an introductory tutorial slide-set demonstrating some simple modifications to an existing XML definition.
New Resource Manager Proxy Protocol 
New Resource Manager Proxy Protocol
Resource Manager Extensions  
Extensions to the RM framework and views
New Resource Manager Architecture 
Preliminary design of the new (post 2.0) resource manager architecture
PTP 3.x Resource Manager Proxy Protocol  
Old description of the wire protocol used for resource manager proxy communication for PTP 3.x
Resource Manager Proxy Protocol  
Description of the wire protocol used for resource manager proxy communication
Structural Changes 
Proposed changes to PTP 1.0 for resource management support
Resource Managers 
Preliminary design of Resource Manager component

Parallel Debugger

Debugger Launch  
Description of launch process for debug jobs
Debugger Wire Protocol  
Wire protocol used for debugger communication
Scalable Debug Manager  
Design of the scalable debug manager (PTP 1.0 - 2.0)
New Scalable Debug Manager  
Design of the scalable debug manager (PTP 2.1 and later)


Photran Report 
Document describing the integration of Photran and CDT

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