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Design Documents

PTP 2.x Design Document 
A detailed design description of the PTP 2.x architecture
PTP 1.x Design Document 
Provides a description of the overall design of the PTP 1.x architecture

Remote Services Support

Remote Abstraction API 
Description of the Remote Abstraction API provided by PTP
Remote Requirements 
Requirements for remote service support
Remote Support Evaluation 
Evaluation of related work for remote service support
CDT and EFS and Remote Build 
Evaluation of CDT for EFS support, esp. remote file system
Remote Support Progress 
Progress for remote service support
Remote Development Tools 
Designs for Remote Development Tools

Resource Manager Support

New Resource Manager Architecture 
Preliminary design of the new (post 2.0) resource manager architecture
Resource Manager Proxy Protocol  
Description of the wire protocol used for resource manager proxy communication
Structural Changes 
Proposed changes to PTP 1.0 for resource management support
Resource Manager View 
Preliminary design of resource Manager view component

Parallel Debugger

Debugger Wire Protocol  
Wire protocol used for debugger communication
Scalable Debug Manager  
Design of the scalable debug manager (PTP 1.0 - 2.0)
New Scalable Debug Manager  
Design of the scalable debug manager (PTP 2.1 and later)

Performance Analysis

Performance Tools Framework Design 
Preliminary design of Performance Tools Framework


Photran Report 
Document describing the integration of Photran and CDT

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