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| [http://www.eclipse.org/downloads/download.php?file=/tools/ptp/builds/helios/I.I201007021830/ptp-master-4.0.1-I201007021830.zip  ptp-master-4.0.1-I201007021830.zip]
| [http://www.eclipse.org/downloads/download.php?file=/tools/ptp/builds/helios/I.I201007021830/ptp-master-4.0.1-I201007021830.zip  ptp-master-4.0.1-I201007021830.zip]
| 4.0.1
| 4.0.1
| 28 June (nightly)
| I.I201006281522
| [http://www.eclipse.org/downloads/download.php?file=/tools/ptp/builds/helios/I.I201006281522/ptp-master-4.0.1-I201006281522.zip  ptp-master-4.0.1-I201006281522.zip]

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This page contains pre-release builds of PTP 4.0.1 for Helios. For installation details see PTP/release_notes/4.0. For more recent builds, see PTP/builds/4.0.2

NOTE: This build requires Eclipse 3.6, CDT 7.0.0 and RSE 3.2 or later.

CDT does not support Windows 64bit. Use Windows 32bit of Eclipse.

A release build can be installed by downloading one of the update site archive files below. Once you have downloaded the zip file, use the update manager to add a new Archive Site. You will then be able to browse the contents of the site to install the required components.


Date Build Download Link Comments
2 July (nightly) I.I201007021830 ptp-master-4.0.1-I201007021830.zip 4.0.1


RDT (Remote Development Tools)

The RDT plugins are available in the PTP builds above.

RDT also requires server components specific to the remote operating system. These components can be downloaded from the following links.

Date Build Linux MacOS X Unix Windows
2 July I.I201007021830 rdt-server-linux-4.0.1.tar rdt-server-macosx-4.0.1.tar rdt-server-unix-4.0.1.tar rdt-server-windows-4.0.1.zip
28 June I.I201006281522 rdt-server-linux-4.0.1.tar rdt-server-macosx-4.0.1.tar rdt-server-unix-4.0.1.tar rdt-server-windows-4.0.1.zip

See RDT planning page and RDT setup info for more information.