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This page contains pre-release builds of PTP 2.1. For installation details see PTP/release_notes/2.1 - or, a quick version is below.

The latest nightly build of the master update site can be downloaded from here: ptp-master-2.1.0-latest.zip

A release build can be installed by downloading one of the update site archive files below. Once you have downloaded the zip file, use the update manager to add a new Archive Site. You will then be able to browse the contents of the site to install the required components.

Build Date Download Link Comments
nightly 200810231648 ptp-master-2.1.0-I200810231648.zip SDM and PE fixes; Excludes Fortran TAU component
RC2a 200810220948 ptp-master-2.1.0-I200810220948.zip Includes Cell IDE; Excludes Fortran TAU component
RC2 200810191823 ptp-master-2.1.0-I200810191823.zip Excludes Fortran TAU component
RC1 200810101902 ptp-master-2.1.0-I200810101902.zip Excludes Fortran TAU component
M5 200810071005 ptp-master-2.1.0-I200810071005.zip Excludes Fortran TAU component
M4 200810011851 ptp-master-2.1.0-I200810011851.zip Excludes Fortran TAU component
M3 200809191902 ptp-master-2.1.0-I200809191902.zip Excludes Fortran TAU component
M2 200809152050 ptp-master-2.1.0-I200809152050.zip Excludes Fortran TAU component
M1b 200809101609 ptp-master-2.1.0-I200809101609.zip M1a re-spin to fix proxy problem
M1a 200809092109 ptp-master-2.1.0-I200809092109.zip Includes performance tools framework and Photran dependency
M1 200809081559 ptp-master-2.1.0-I200809081559.zip Excluding performance tools framework


RDT (Remote Development Tools)

The RDT plugins are available in the PTP builds above.

RDT also requires server components specific to the remote operating system. These components can be downloaded from the following links.

Build Date Linux MacOS X Unix Windows
RC2a 200810220948 rdt-server-linux-1.0.tar rdt-server-macosx-1.0.tar rdt-server-unix-1.0.tar rdt-server-windows-1.0.zip
RC2 200810191823 rdt-server-linux-1.0.tar rdt-server-macosx-1.0.tar rdt-server-unix-1.0.tar rdt-server-windows-1.0.zip
RC1 200810101902 rdt-server-linux-1.0.tar rdt-server-macosx-1.0.tar rdt-server-unix-1.0.tar rdt-server-windows-1.0.zip
M5 200810071005 rdt-server-linux-1.0.tar rdt-server-macosx-1.0.tar rdt-server-unix-1.0.tar rdt-server-windows-1.0.zip
M4 200810011851 rdt-server-linux-1.0.tar rdt-server-macosx-1.0.tar rdt-server-unix-1.0.tar rdt-server-windows-1.0.zip
M3 200809191902 rdt-server-linux-1.0.tar rdt-server-macosx-1.0.tar rdt-server-unix-1.0.tar rdt-server-windows-1.0.zip

See RDT planning page and RDT setup info for more information.

Quick installation instructions

  • Get Eclipse 3.4
  • Download cdt-master archive for 5.0.1 (for example from here: http://download.eclipse.org/tools/cdt/builds/5.0.1/index.html)
  • Download ptp-master archive (see link above) for PTP 2.1
  • Launch eclipse.
  • Help > Software updates...
  • Click on 'Available Software'
    • Select CDT: Click "Add Site..." and click "Archive..." and point to cdt-master for 5.0.x. Select what you want (everything?)
    • Select PTP: Click "Add Site..." and click "Archive..." and point to ptp-master. Select what you want (everything?)
      • Note: if you don't have Photran, UNCHECK the "Tau Fortran enabler"
    • Select RSE: (To test RDT) Expand "Ganymede" item at top of dialog; expand "Remote Access and Device Development"
      • Select "Remote System Explorer End-User Runtime"
      • Select "RSE User Actions"
  • Click "Install..." in upper right of dialog
  • Assuming there are no other missing pre-reqs, click through the rest of the install.
  • If you want to use RDT, you will need the remote server software. See rdt-server downloads above.