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PTP Builds for 2.0

You can install PTP builds via the Software Updates dialog in Eclipse: (Help > Software Updates > Find and Install... then "Search for new features to install". For installation details see PTP/release_notes/2.0

  • To use an archive file you download from below, enter a "New Archived Site."


Latest Build is at the top of this list:

ptp-updatesite- - 3/30/08 build: lots of changes to the help docs, and a couple of bug fixes
ptp-updatesite- - 3/28/08 build: minor tweaks
ptp-updatesite- - 3/26/08 build: Bug fixes, help updates, LAPI feature included
ptp-updatesite- - 3/24/08 build: Bug fixes for LL/PE, debugger fixes, TAU included
ptp-updatesite- - 3/18/08 build: Release Candidate Build
ptp-updatesite- - 3/15/08 build: updates to PLDT, the Performance Tools Framework and the Remote Development Tools Services Framework.
ptp-updatesite- - 3/13/08 build: Support for MPICH2 runtime (really), Some Help updates, various cleanups & enhancements
ptp-updatesite- - 3/10/08 build: Support for MPICH2 runtime, PLDT bug fixes, various cleanups
ptp-updatesite- - 2/25/08 build


Note: do not simply unzip the archive file into your eclipse directory. You must use the update manager.