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Requests from Users

  • Fortran source code formatting -
    • Add "Correct indentation" (adopt from emacs?)
  • Run enhancements (I/O redirection, launching shell scripts) -
  • Photran-specific "convert tabs to spaces" option -
  • Intel language extensions -
  • Spell checking -
  • Support STRUCTURE and RECORD (DEC extensions)
  • Support vertical limiter also for free-form Fortran (e.g., column 132 in gfortran by default)
  • Highlight unused variables (similar to Java)
  • Support content assist for members of derived types
  • Extend "Add ONLY clause to USE statement" refactoring to work with all modules in a source code selection, not just only a single highlighted module. While refactoring module imports, preserve formatting (i.e., case of operators' and imported functions' names)
  • Add a support for some type of a documentation, e.g. generate a commented out list of all local variables so they can be easily annotated.

UIUC/NCSA Agenda Items

High Priority

  • CS427 projects (refactorings)
    • Select projects, customers
    • Write project descriptions
    • Check/fix Developer's Guide
    • Prepare preservation analysis/differential refactoring engine
  • Reindenter improvements
  • Windows Installer Package
  • BW debugger integration

Medium Priority

  • New database/faster indexing
  • Remaining fixed form refactoring bugs
  • Unit tests for fixed form refactorings
  • C preprocessed fixed form support
  • Support for Fortran language extensions (Absoft, Intel)
  • Support for refactoring C-preprocessed files (single-configuration)
  • Code templates
  • Matching parenthesis highlighting
  • AST improvements
  • Refactoring scalability testing/improvements

Low Priority

Off-Agenda UIUC/NCSA Project Ideas

  • Testing - apply refactorings to real projects
  • Testing - integrate ASTGen
  • Integrate MPI documentation
  • Installation diagnostics
  • VMware appliance
  • Fortran code metrics


High Priority

Medium Priority

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