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*Fortran source code formatting - []<br>  
*Fortran source code formatting - []<br>  
*Run enhancements (I/O redirection, launching shell scripts) - []<br>  
*Run enhancements (I/O redirection, launching shell scripts) - []<br>  
*Photran-specific "convert tabs to spaces" option - []
*Photran-specific "convert tabs to spaces" option - []<br>
*Intel language extensions - []<br>
=== UIUC/NCSA Agenda Items  ===
=== UIUC/NCSA Agenda Items  ===

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Requests from Users

UIUC/NCSA Agenda Items

High Priority

  • BW debugger integration
  • Windows Installer Package
  • UI tests (SWTBot)
  • Scalability testing/improvements
  • Remaining fixed form refactoring bugs
  • Unit tests for fixed form refactorings
  • C preprocessed fixed form support
  • Reindenter improvements

Medium Priority

  • VPG visualization
  • Support for Fortran language extensions (Absoft, Intel)
  • New Refactoring: Move Entity Between Modules
  • Rsync-style remote project support
  • Support for refactoring C-preprocessed files (single-configuration)
  • Code templates

Low Priority

  • Improve content shown in Fortran Declaration view
  • FRUIT: race condition, documentation, package/feature
  • Cmdline documentation, improvements
  • Improvements to Managed Make
  • Multiple-configuration C preprocessor support
  • Finish type checker

Off-Agenda UIUC/NCSA Project Ideas

  • Testing - apply refactorings to real projects
  • Testing - integrate ASTGen
  • Integrate MPI documentation
  • Installation diagnostics
  • VMware appliance
  • Fortran code metrics

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