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PTP/Committers and Contributors

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PTP Committers and Contributors

As part of our celebration of our Indigo release we've updated the names and faces of our committers and contributors. Continuing the tradition from last year here it is. Our significant accomplishments include:

  • Helios (3.6) - June 2010 - PTP 4.0 first joined the simultaneous release
  • Indigo (3.7) - June 2011 - PTP 5.0 includes a Parallel "Package" on the Downloads page

So here are our current committers, a few Committers "Emeritus" who made substantial contributions during their time as committers, and some other contributors, as well as some past Committers and Contributors. It's nice to see some faces, since most of our "meetings" are conference calls and mailing lists, with the occasional conference.

Corrections welcome. I made an attempt at a brief list of what folks have been involved in but I'm sure I didn't do an accurate and complete job of that.

... Beth Tibbitts
June 2011

PTP Committers

Name Photo Affiliations and contributions/interests
Greg Watson GregWatson2.jpg IBM
PTP project lead; architecture design; proxy protocol design; scalability; parallel debugger; everything else no-one wants to work on
Beth Tibbitts BethTibbitts.png IBM
PLDT, Static Analysis, ETFw, User docs, new user experience, EPP Parallel Package
Randy Roberts RandyRoberts.png LANL
PTP model design and implementation; resource manager framework
Wyatt Spear WyattSpear.png U.Oregon
External Tools Framework (ETFw); TAU integration
Dave Wootton DaveWootton.png IBM
IBM PE and LL resource managers; scalability; proxy protocol
Chris Recoskie ChrisRecoskie.png IBM
Vivian Kong VivianKong.png IBM
Mike Kucera MikeKucera.png IBM
RDT, UPC integration
Jie Jiang JieJiang.png China National University of Defense Technology
SLURM resource manager
Roland Schulz RolandSchultz.png Univ. of Tennessee at Knoxville (UTK), ORNL
Remote Tools; PBS resource manager; scalability
Dieter Krachtus DieterKrachtus.png Heidelberg University
PBS resource manager
Al Rossi AlRossi.png NCSA
PBS resource manager, scalability
Jeff Overbey JeffOverbey.png Univ. of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (UIUC)
Photran project co-lead
Alan Humphrey AlanHumphrey.png University of Utah
Graphical Explorer of MPI Programs (GEM)
Tu Hong Jun (Catherine) CatherineTu.png IBM China
Scalable Communications Infrastructure (SCI)
Claudia Knobloch ClaudiaKnobloch.jpg Juelich Supercomputing Centre
System Monitoring Perspective
Wolfgang Frings WolfgangFrings.jpg Juelich Supercomputing Centre
System Monitoring Perspective
John Eblen ORNL
Synchronized Projects
John Liu JohnLiu.jpg IBM

Committers Emeritus

Name Photo Affiliations and contributions/interests
Clement Chu ClementChu.png Monash University
Parallel debugger
Craig Rasmussen CraigRasmussen.png LANL
Fortran Development Tools

Other Recent Contributors

Name Photo Affiliations and contributions/interests
Max Billingsley MaxBillingsley.png U. Florida
Parallel Performance Wizard (PPW)
Chris Derrick ChrisDerrick.png U. Utah
Graphical Explorer of MPI Programs (GEM)

Other Contributors

Name Photo Affiliations and contributions/interests
Nathan Debardeleben Previous Committer
PTP model, Resource Manager Framework
Donny Kurniawan Monash University
Parallel Debugger
Tianchao Li T.U.M.
Remote services investigation
Feiyi Wang   ORNL
Parallel Debugger
Ricardo Matinata IBM
Remote Tools
Leonardo Garcia IBM
Cell, Remote Tools
Daniel Ferber Previous Committer
Cell, Remote Tools

Official Committer List

For the official list of current PTP Committers,

  • Go to the Eclipse Portal for committers, and under Eclipse Projects select tools.ptp [view] then select [members]

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