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Welcome to the Parallel Tools Platform (PTP) Wiki page. PTP is devoted to everything parallel.

Developer Resources

Design Documents Designs for the major PTP components.
Developer Guidelines Conventions and guidelines for developers. Please read before committing code!
Developer Workshops Information about our developer workshops.
Environment Setup Setup an Eclipse Environment for PTP development
Monthly Meetings Agendas and meeting notes for our monthly conference calls. - including SC08 PTP BOF 11/19/08
Open Bugs PTP bug list
Planning Information Planning information for new PTP releases.
Release Engineering Gory details of how to build a PTP release.
Test Plans Test plans for the PTP releases.
Builds Download nightly and milestone build for upcoming releases of PTP - including for 2.1.2 and for 2.1.3 and for 3.0.0 and Photran 4.0

General Information

Release Notes Release notes, setup & build instructions for PTP 2.1 and for PTP 3.0 and earlier releases
FAQ Frequently asked questions about PTP
Tutorials Tutorials that we have run about PTP, both half-day and full-day
Articles Articles and documentation about PTP and related topics
External Tools FW External Tools Framework / Performance Tools Framework (PTFw) Documentation
Other Tools Setup Setup for other tools, including UPC feature of CDT.
RDT Setup How to build and run RDT (Remote Development Tools)

Photran Information

See Photran's section of the PTP wiki

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