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PHP WTP Integration

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PHP IDE project is based on WTP project in terms of architecture using the Eclipse plugin mechanism. Many of the features in PHP IDE are decoupled from the WTP and others depend on WTP features.

Integration Points

  • Editor - PHP IDE editor is based on WTP editor and by that get for free syntax highlighting and code assist of HTML code. The structure of the editor is an XML editor and is broke into XML elements. The PHP section is another XML element inside the WTP/XML editor.
  • Outline - PHP IDE outline provides two layouts of outlines. One is the HTML outline which provides structure view of the HTML code and the second layout is PHP layout which includes the different PHP elements in group structure of classes, functions, constants and includes files.
  • Server - WTP provides support for defining new server and using it for running or debugging purposes. PHP IDE integrated with Server infrastructure at the beginning of PHP IDE but this caused for multiple problems and the continuous of the integration. Here are some of the problems:
    • GUI didn't support different servers like IIS
    [Lawrence Mandel (LM)] Can you clarify what you mean by this? WTP does support several different server types out of the box and is extensible so others can be supported (and some are by their respective projects and organizations). Is the issue that WTP doesn't support IIS out of the box?
    • There was no easy way to add more server details or to integrate into the server definition GUI
    [LM] This seems like an opportunity to enhance the existing framework rather than scrap it altogether in favour of building a new one. What extra details are you looking to add and what would you like to integrate into the server definition GUI?
    • Server didn't support remote server integration
    [LM] I thought I heard that the server team was working on this. Again though, this seems like an opportunity to enhance the existing framework.
    • The existing GUIs were too complicated/non-intuitive for the PHP user
    [LM] Bob Goodman forwarded this concern to the WTP PMC. Can someone on the PHP team elaborate on the complexity issues and non-intuitive nature of the server GUIs?
    • (Feel free to add more reasons)

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