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Quick guide

Following is a two-step guide to get and build PDT source code:

1. Get PDT source code:

 cvs -d co org.eclipse.pdt

2. Build PDT using Maven:

 cd org.eclipse.pdt/org.eclipse.pdt.releng
 mvn clean install

Working with PDT source code in Eclipse

  1. To comfortably edit PDT source code you will need Eclipse JDT and PDE. Ideally Eclipse Classic package from Eclipse downloads page is what you need.
  2. Check out PDT plugins to Eclipse workspace. Select the XML text below and save it to file projectSet.psf
  3. In Eclipse, choose File->Import, select Team->Team Project Set and choose projectSet.psf file created in step 2. After finishing the import wizard, you should see all PDT source code in your workspace. Source code might not be compiling yet
  4. Find file org.eclipse.php.core/Resources/parserTools/build.xml and launch it as Ant Build. This will generate PHP language parser classes.
  5. Install missing dependencies:
    1. Dynamic Languages Toolkit - Core Frameworks
    2. Dynamic Languages Toolkit - Core H2 Index Frameworks (uncheck "Group items by category" to see this one)
    3. Eclipse Web Developer Tools
    4. Eclipse XML Editors and Tools
  6. In preferences (Window->Preferences->Plug-in Development->API Baselines), switch "Missing API baseline" to "Warning" or "Ignore".
  7. You can now run PDT in Eclipse self-hosting mode. Click on any of PDT projects and choose Run As->Eclipse Application

PDT Team Project Set

You can quickly set up your Eclipse workspace using the following Team Project Set. Save the following text into a file named "pdt.psf"; use "File > Import > Team Project Set" to import that file.

 <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
 <psf version="2.0">
 <provider id="">
 <project reference="1.0,,org.eclipse.pdt/plugins/org.eclipse.php.core,org.eclipse.php.core"/>
 <project reference="1.0,,org.eclipse.pdt/plugins/org.eclipse.php.core.parser,org.eclipse.php.core.parser"/>
 <project reference="1.0,,org.eclipse.pdt/plugins/org.eclipse.php.debug.core,org.eclipse.php.debug.core"/>
 <project reference="1.0,,org.eclipse.pdt/plugins/org.eclipse.php.debug.daemon,org.eclipse.php.debug.daemon"/>
 <project reference="1.0,,org.eclipse.pdt/plugins/org.eclipse.php.debug.ui,org.eclipse.php.debug.ui"/>
 <project reference="1.0,,org.eclipse.pdt/plugins/,"/>
 <project reference="1.0,,org.eclipse.pdt/plugins/org.eclipse.php.server.core,org.eclipse.php.server.core"/>
 <project reference="1.0,,org.eclipse.pdt/plugins/org.eclipse.php.server.ui,org.eclipse.php.server.ui"/>
 <project reference="1.0,,org.eclipse.pdt/plugins/org.eclipse.php.ui,org.eclipse.php.ui"/>

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