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PDT/1.5 Features Proposal

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PDT 1.0 release will include mainly bug fixes for better stability on top of the 0.7 version but also some features request implementation. The following list contains the suggested features and improvements for PDT 1.0. Feel free to add additional features to this list.

Feature and Improvement List

  • Improvements to Parser and model infrastructure
  • Code folding improvements (open forward folded PHP blocks)
  • Mylyn integration
  • Syntax highlighting based on AST
  • More generic debug UI
  • Code assist support - Interface scope #138985
  • PHPDoc blocks templates #138998
  • PHP executable preferences #138478
  • Annotation support - adding after change before save state #147217
  • PHP Problems - add PHP to filters #148024
  • Syntax coloring support - additional options #150097
  • Magic Home and Tab - #156372
  • Initial refactoring support (at least basic functions like Rename function/class/variable)
  • Generate stub classes from existing interfaces
  • Add a "Mark occurences" feature
  • Integrate HTML, CSS and Javascript editors from Aptana [see this feature request]
  • Ability to add to/edit the Code assist list #189495
  • Code assist auto activation for classes