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PDE Visualization

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The goal of this project is to create a powerful visualization tool for plug-ins (bundles). PDE Incubator Dependency Visualization which is a part of PDE Incubator project has already done the basic dependency visualization between plug-ins. Therefore in this project, I would mainly focus on adding enhancements to the existing code and get it in a state to graduate into PDE. For example, I would add dependency visualization between packages.

what I have done

1) I have investigated the PDE Incubator, especially the subproject: Dependency Visualization. I have check out the source code of Dependency Visualization from CVS and get a broad picture of the source code. The tool is built using the Zest toolkit and Draw2D.

2) I have roughly investigated the ‘Version M1 - Plug-in Dependency Visualization: New & Noteworthy’.

Challenges and risks

Because of the time limitation, now I have no idea of other relationships would to be visualized in this project except the relationship between packages. However, I can resolve this question by communicating with my mentor.