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The PDE UI component provides a comprehensive set of tools to create, develop, test, debug and deploy Eclipse plug-ins, fragments, features, update sites and RCP products.


PDE Does Plug-ins - Chronicles the creation, development, testing, building, and deployment of a simple "Hello World" plug-in using PDE tools.

Recommended Work Flow for Cheat Sheet Development - Demonstrates the recommended work flow for doing cheat sheet development using User Assistance and PDE tools.

Eclipse Links View Plug-in 1.1.0 - EclipseCon 2007 PDE tutorial example. A plug-in that contributes a fully functional view providing Eclipse related links that can be opened up in an internal or external browser. The view contains three sections: (1) Project Links - Contains a tree viewer that models the Eclipse project, sub-projects and components; (2) Useful Links - Contains useful Eclipse hyperlinks; (3) Search - Contains a Google search box to enter search queries.


PDE - PDE Wiki Page

PDE UI Home Page - The main PDE UI web site.