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[[PDE/Testing/Scenarios#Log View|Log View]]
[[PDE/Testing/Scenarios#Log View|Log View]]
[[PDE/Testing/Scenarios#Add To Java Search|Add To Java Search]]
[[PDE/Testing/Scenarios#Add to Java Search|Add to Java Search]]
[[PDE/Testing/Scenarios#Refactoring|P2 Integration]] - Curtis (merged p2 APIs)
[[PDE/Testing/Scenarios#P2 Integration|P2 Integration]] - Curtis (merged p2 APIs)

Latest revision as of 15:38, 25 January 2010


M5 is January 29th

M5 PDE Bugs

One full day test pass, preferably on Tuesday, January 26th


Community involvement is always welcome


  • Curtis Windatt - Ubuntu Linux - Sun 1.6
  • Darin Wright - Win XP
  • Ankur Sharma - Win XP

PDE API Tooling

  • Darin Wright
  • Michael Rennie
  • Olivier Thomann

API Tooling Test Plans

PDE Build

  • Help wanted :)

UI Test Areas

Please add yourself to the relevant areas.


Editors - Ankur, Darin (just test out random use cases, flexible bundle root location)

Flexible bundle root location - Ankur, Curtis (easiest way to create example projects is run tests to create projects, then switch host workspaces to the test directory, or import them in)

End-to-End Scenarios - Ankur, Curtis (new poject apis, bundle root location apis)

Import - Darin, Curtis (Overwrite selection dialog)



Target Management



Cool Wizards

OSGi Applications

User Assistance

Project Creation


Log View

Add to Java Search

P2 Integration - Curtis (merged p2 APIs)