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M2 is September 18th

Participating Committers

  • Curtis Windatt
  • Darin Wright
  • Ankur Sharma

Community Involvement

  • Anyone who would like to get involved

Test Process

  1. Verify M2 Bugs
  1. One day test pass testing functional areas
    • Please add yourself to the areas you tested below
    • Mark if an area has significant changes during a milestone
  1. Update tests
  1. Triage bugzilla
    • Move unfinished bugs to a realistic milestone
  1. File bugs for any discovered issues
    • Fix significant regressions before the release

Test Areas

End-to-End Scenarios


  • Regressions found in source import
  • Ankur


  • Curtis


  • Problems found with tabs, dirty tabs / incorrect saving
  • Ankur

Target Management

  • UI Tweaks
  • Curtis



Cool Wizards

OSGi Applications

User Assistance

  • Spell checking added
  • XML problem reporting
  • Darin

Project Creation

Log View

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