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This page will collect testing information for testing all the components of PDE.

PDE participates in the test pass before each milestone in the Project Plan. During the test pass we try to verify any code that was changed during the previous milestone and test common scenarios for regressions.

Test Plans

3.6 M2 - September 18th (M2 PDE Bugs) 3.6 M3 - October 30th (M3 PDE Bugs) 3.6 M4 - December 11th (M4 PDE Bugs) 3.6 M5 - January 29th (M5 PDE Bugs) 3.5.2 - (3.5.2 Bugs) 3.6 M6 - March 12th (M6 PDE Bugs) 3.6 M7 - April 30th (M7 PDE Bugs)

Test Process

  • Triage bugzilla, move unfinished bugs to a realistic milestone
  • Verify bugs fixed during the milestone
  • One day test pass testing functional areas (smoke test)
    • Please add yourself to the areas you tested below
    • Mark if an area has significant changes during a milestone
  • File bugs for any discovered issues
  • Fix significant regressions before the release

Test Documents

Test Scenarios - A large list of possible test scenarios/areas

Test Areas - A list of different areas in PDE UI

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