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This page will be used to collect comments about PDE and our development process that were noticed during 3.7. What did we do well? What could be better? What should we do next release?

Coding Best Practices

  • When writing tests, try to keep them stable. Intermittent failures cause headaches.
  • Always keep documentation in mind. If you see missing doc and don't fix, always file a doc bug.


  • Add proper keywords: contributed for patches, noteworthy for big features, helpwanted for bugs that will only be fixed with contributed patches
  • When a patch is provided for review by a committer, only commit the patch if the issue is time sensitive and the patch creator has stated you can commit. In all other cases let the patch contributor commit their own fix.

General Comments

  • Meeting minutes were not helpful, whereas the actual meetings were productive.

Action Items for 3.8

  1. Apply proper keywords to bugs to assist with triage.

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