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This page will be used to collect a comments about PDE and our development process that were noticed during 3.5. What did we do well? What could be better? What should we do next release?

Coding Best Practices

  • If you write new core/model/non-UI code, write tests for it
  • Don't release a major change just before a milestone release or even right before an I build


  • If you add someone as a reviewer, add them as a cc
  • Only mark a bug with a specific target milestone if you seriously plan on fixing it during that milestone
  • If you are unsure about a change or the code you are committing is a major change, add a reviewer and get them to verify it

General Comments

  • In 3.5 the target platform changes ended up dropping too late M6/M7 to get proper feedback. We recognized this as a risk beforehand and still went forward and we did get burned for this to some extent. There were too many RC fixes required to get it working.