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=== M6 - 15 March 2013 ===
=== M6 - 15 March 2013 ===
(API Freeze)
(API Freeze)
{{PlanItem|API tools should work with unresolved bundles|271045|InProgress}}
{{PlanItem|API tools should work with unresolved bundles|271045|Complete}}
=== M7 - 3 May 2013 ===
=== M7 - 3 May 2013 ===
(Feature Freeze)
(Feature Freeze)
{{PlanItem|Support @noreference on types|235618|Complete}}
=== RC Builds - May/June 2013 ===
=== RC Builds - May/June 2013 ===
{{PlanItem|Fix up portal site||}}
{{PlanItem|Fix up portal site||Complete}}
{{PlanItem|Bug fixing||}}
{{PlanItem|Bug fixing||Complete}}
{{PlanItem|Clean up website and wiki||}}
{{PlanItem|Clean up website and wiki||Complete}}
{{PlanItem|Update Copyrights||}}
{{PlanItem|Update Copyrights||Complete}}
{{PlanItem|Check for Broken NLS||}}
{{PlanItem|Check for Broken NLS||Complete}}
{{PlanItem|Doc Pass||}}
{{PlanItem|Doc Pass||Complete}}

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Unofficial Planning Document
This is an unofficial document used by the PDE team to help with the planning process. Items on this list are not guaranteed to be found in a release.


[edit] Overview

This is the PDE project plan for the Eclipse Project Kepler release.

Plan items are listed in the milestone when work is intended to start. Items that take longer than one milestone may be moved after completion. The plan is intentionally heavy on milestones two through five to allow for bug fixing, iterative development, performance and polish work in later milestones.

Chkbox disabled.gif In Plan - Initial state of planned items, no work currently being done

Glass.gif Investigate - Additional information is being collected

Progress.gif In Progress - Work is being done on the item

Ok green.gif Complete - Work is released to a build

Error.gif Dropped - No longer being worked on for this release

[edit] M1 - 10 August 2012

Ok green.gif Create 4.3 Plan

[edit] M2 - 21 September 2012

Ok green.gif Prepare 4.2.1 Fixes

[edit] M3 - 2 November 2012

Ok green.gif Images View (386197)

[edit] M4 - 14 December 2012

Ok green.gif Improve Images View (386197)

Ok green.gif Improve quickfixes (381975)

[edit] M5 - 1 February 2013

Ok green.gif Support problem filters on use scans (332772)

Error.gif Support for declarative services annotations (376950)

Ok green.gif Prepare 4.2.2 Fixes

[edit] M6 - 15 March 2013

(API Freeze)

Ok green.gif API tools should work with unresolved bundles (271045)

[edit] M7 - 3 May 2013

(Feature Freeze)

Ok green.gif Support @noreference on types (235618)

[edit] RC Builds - May/June 2013

Ok green.gif Fix up portal site

Ok green.gif Polish

Error.gif Performance

Ok green.gif Bug fixing

Ok green.gif Clean up website and wiki

Ok green.gif Update Copyrights

Ok green.gif Check for Broken NLS

Ok green.gif Doc Pass

Progress.gif Retrospective

[edit] Unscheduled Items

This section will list items that we are interested in completing during the release, but have not been scheduled. For general ideas, use the Wishlist.