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=== M4 - 9 December 2011 ===
=== M4 - 9 December 2011 ===
{{PlanItem|Assist with developing bundle importer for git|327381|}}
=== M5 - 27 January 2012 ===
=== M5 - 27 January 2012 ===

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Unofficial Planning Document
This is an unofficial document used by the PDE team to help with the planning process. Items on this list are not guaranteed to be found in a release.


This is the PDE project plan for the Eclipse Project Juno release.

PDE will focus on testing and releasing on the 4.2 platform. However, all PDE plug-ins will be compatible with both the 3.8 and 4.2 release.

Plan items are listed in the milestone when work is intended to start. Items that take longer than one milestone may be moved after completion. The plan is intentionally heavy on milestones two through five to allow for bug fixing, iterative development, performance and polish work in later milestones.

Chkbox disabled.gif In Plan - Initial state of planned items, no work currently being done

Glass.gif Investigate - Additional information is being collected

Progress.gif In Progress - Work is being done on the item

Ok green.gif Complete - Work is released to a build

Error.gif Dropped - No longer being worked on for this release

M1 - 5 August 2011

Ok green.gif Create 3.8 Plan

Ok green.gif Support Java 7 (349447)

M2 - 16 September 2011

Ok green.gif Prepare 3.7.1 Fixes

Ok green.gif Git migration (351001)

Progress.gif Target platform API to contribute UI (347695)

Chkbox disabled.gif Ability to filter quick-fixes (322273)

Chkbox disabled.gif Apply problem filters to use tasks (332772)

Progress.gif Bundle classpath entry resolution API (353442)

M3 - 28 October 2011

Chkbox disabled.gif Target platform per project (159072)

Chkbox disabled.gif Performance tests and improvements (334748) - Consider performance impacts of Target per project

Chkbox disabled.gif Provide OSGi tracing page (296631)

Chkbox disabled.gif Support API compatibility checks against unresolved bundles (271045)

Chkbox disabled.gif Support extensions other than *.jar in target platforms (355890)

M4 - 9 December 2011

Chkbox disabled.gif Assist with developing bundle importer for git (327381)

M5 - 27 January 2012

Chkbox disabled.gif Prepare 3.7.2 Fixes

Chkbox disabled.gif Replace samples page with p2 effort (353139)

Chkbox disabled.gif Allow JDT index to be contributed (?)

M6 - 16 March 2012

(API Freeze)

M7 - 5 April 2012

(Feature Freeze)

RC Builds - May/June 2012

Chkbox disabled.gif Polish

Chkbox disabled.gif Performance

Chkbox disabled.gif Bug fixing

Chkbox disabled.gif Clean up website and wiki

Chkbox disabled.gif Update Copyrights

Chkbox disabled.gif Check for Broken NLS

Chkbox disabled.gif Doc Pass

Chkbox disabled.gif Retrospective

Overall Goals

This section will list general goals for the 3.8 release using information from the Retrospective.

Unscheduled Items

This section will list items that we are interested in completing during 3.8 but have not been scheduled. For general ideas, use the Wishlist.

Chkbox disabled.gif Provide a product launch configuration (326059)

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