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[ Picasso] - UI Debugging by painting the workbench :)
[ Picasso] - UI Debugging by painting the workbench :)
[[ UA Refactoring] - UA refactoring
== Resources ==
== Resources ==

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Welcome to the Plug-in Development Environment (PDE) Incubator Wiki Page.

The PDE Incubator provides a place to grow and test new ideas that fall into plug-in development space.


Visualization - visualization.

API Tooling - Provides API maintenanace tooling.

Extreme Self-Hosting - Extreme self-hosting.

Declarative Services Tooling - Declarative Services tooling.

Product Customization - Tooling for Equinox Transforms and customization of products

Picasso - UI Debugging by painting the workbench :)

[UA Refactoring - UA refactoring


PDE UI Home Page - The main PDE UI web site.

Eclipse Bugzilla - Eclipse bug tracking database.

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