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This page contains blue sky thinking about the kind of things we would like to see in PDE's future. This is a place to collect ideas - it does not represent a committment to implement the ideas.

Target Management

  • Enhance target platform provisioning. Leverage p2 to create and edit profiles that can be used as target platforms, and leverage p2 to reflect on the contents of a profile. One could compose a target platform by installing features into a profile from p2 repositories.
  • Simplify and improve the user interface for defining and managing multiple targets in the workspace. Eventually, it would be nice to be able to support more than one target platform in the workspace (i.e. allow different projects to compile against different target platforms). Currently targets can be defined by target files or by the "target platform" user preference. Perhaps a preference page that allowed multiple targets to be defined (like the API Baselines or Installed JREs page) would be more intuitive. Creating/editing a target would open a wizard to modify that specific target, and a check box could be used to specify the "active" workspace target.

Source Management

  • Simiplify the installation of source for debugging and developing against the target platform. For example, a user is debugging something and enters a class for which they have no source. There should be a simple way to install source for the associated bundle.