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What is PDE

The Plug-in Development Environment (PDE) provides tools to create, develop, test, debug, build and deploy OSGi bundles and RCP applications.


How do I install PDE?


Target Management


How do I find a plug-in (bundle) given a class

If you're interested in finding a class at runtime, please use the PackageAdmin service from OSGi

How do I get access to a plug-in (bundle) in my workspace or target

Use the PluginRegistry API to acquire models from your workspace or target

I have an error that says some package (e.g., com.sun.misc) isn't accessible but it's on my classpath

In most cases, people get this error by accessing the Base64 class from the Sun VM. We generally don't recommend using the Base64 class from the VM because your bundle will be tired to only VMs that have that specific class. However, if this isn't an issue, you can get around the access restriction error by adding an access rule to your system library to make the package accessible. You can do this on the Libraries tab of the Java Build Path project properties. Add an Accessible rule for com/sun/misc/*

Also, in most cases, this package needs to be visible during runtime. To have a package visible during runtime, you will need to add the org.osgi.framework.system.packages.extra system property. For example:




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