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== Getting the source ==
== Getting the source ==
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Here is the [http://wiki.eclipse.org/Image:pde.ds.psf team project set] to get PDE.DS source code.

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The Declarative Services (or "DS") specification is one of the newest parts of OSGi, it uses a XML file to encapsulate all service registration code. This proposed application is about to develop an OSGi Declarative Service Tooling to improve development productivity. An UI based tool will let you focus on the application logic of your code.

My vision is to encourage new developers to use OSGi technology (specifically Declarative Service). As a new functionality, an Editor will help to create and maintain all component registration code easier. This feature is very important for component reuse developers, who will concentrate on their services, instead of OSGi Framework code. Moreover, implementation of such add-in will increase the OSGi popularity due to a simplification on OSGi component development.



  • Chris Aniszczyk (Mentor)
  • Rafael Oliveira Nóbrega


  • org.eclipse.pde.ds.core
  • org.eclipse.pde.ds.ui
  • org.eclipse.pde.ds.tests


Progress.gif Work in progress

Ok green.gif Feature added


  • Provide a Text Model for DS Files Ok green.gif
  • Provide a UI Editor for the Text Model Ok green.gif
  • Develop a Wizard for DS Files Progress.gif
  • Develop a code completion assistance for DS Source Page Progress.gif
  • Develop a pop-up when hovering over xml elements and attributes
  • Create an error reporter for DS Files Progress.gif
  • Create Javadoc for classes and interfaces Ok green.gif
  • Create unit tests Ok green.gif


Project Set File for PDE DS

Getting Started with OSGi: Declarative Services and Dependencies

Declarative Services API

Community Proposals

Feel free to add your comments and ideas.

Getting the source

Here is the team project set to get PDE.DS source code.