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This plan is under continuous refinement. This page highlights the features and function intended to be worked on for PDE/Build during the Galileo release.

All milestones include bug fixes and unit testing efforts. PDE/Build is potentially affected by items on both the p2 plan and the PDE/UI plan, all milestones will include interaction with those teams.

Items in this plan correspond to 3 major categories:

  1. Core PDE/Build changes (items tagged [Build])
  2. Integration with p2 (items tagged [p2])
  3. Integration with PDE/UI (items tagged [UI])

M2 (2008-09-19)

  • [Build] Reading dropins folder for baseLocation 224194 246127

M3 (2008-10-31)

  • [Build] Sort plug-ins for compilation across feature boundaries 212467
  • [Build] Parallel compilation 212467
  • [p2] Begin p2 investigations (items marked p2 in future milestones)
  • [p2] Begin evolving existing p2/build integration to use the publisher. 243753
  • [UI] Custom Execution Environments (from ) 238802

M4 (2008-12-12)

  • [Build, UI] Individual source bundles 230870
  • [Build, UI] Export using .class files from workspace 101241
  • [Build, UI] Compile against nested jars 157375
  • [p2] Fetch using p2
  • [p2] Publishing from gather.bin.parts

M5 (2009-01-30)

  • [p2] p2 install as the packager