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Tags are words and acronyms surrounded by [brackets] used in the title or summary of a bugzilla report. The tags make it faster to search for related bugs or to create queries for bugs involving a specific component. Multiple tags can be added to a bug report. When searching for tags, do not use case sensitive search as different users have used different casing.

State Tags

[patch] - Patch is available and waiting for review, bug should get the keyword 'contributed' once committed.

[plan] - Bug reports representing plan items, rather than a bug. Do not use the keyword 'plan' it is reserved for the top level project plan

[api] - Fixing this bug will involve an API change. Ensure the API change is allowed and consider adding the keyword 'noteworthy'

[doc] - This fix involves help documentation or javadoc. For help documentation, this tag should be removed as the bug should belong to the PDE > Documentation component. If the fix is planned for during release freeze plan, it should be marked with the keyword 'documentation'.

Component Tags


[ua] - User Assistance. Changes involving the user assistance bundles* This includes the Cheatsheet editor, Context Help ID editor and Table of Contents editor.

[ds] - Declarative Services. Changes involving the declarative services bundles org.eclipse.pde.ds.* This includes the Component editor.

Editors / Models

[manifest] - Manifest editor and the bundle model [plugin] - Plugin.xml editor and the extension model [feature] - Feature editor and the feature model [product] - Product editor [schema] - Schema editor [build] - editor and the build model. Also includes PDE UI bugs that interact with PDE Build [target] - Target editor, target model, wizard to edit targets and the target platform preference page


[launching] - Launch configurations, self hosting and starting OSGi sessions [logview] - Log view, importing and exporting logs [templates] - Templates for new projects, see org.eclipse.pde.ui.templates bundle [spy] - Plug-in Spy support (Ctrl-Shift-F1) [import] - Wizards and jobs for importing plug-ins and other resources into the workspace [export[ - Wizards and jobs for exporting plug-ins, features and products

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