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PDE/API Tools/Testing

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API Tools
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Test Page Template

Test Page Template: PDE/API Tools/Test Plan Template.

This template must be used to create a new test page for each release that requires testing.

Any new features that are added to the test script must also be added to the feature list section of the template.

Test Passes

API Setup


  • setup wizard should have a help topic

Setup API Tooling

  • wizard with no selections in workspace and with selections; if the there are selected projects in the workspace that can have API tooling setup on them, they should be preselected in the wizard
  • try canceling the wizard
  • try selecting / unselecting all to make sure the finish and preview button work as expected</li>
  • try selecting a project and viewing a preview
  • try selecting projects that do and do not have a component.xml file
  • ensure tags are added correctly to files (from the component.xml)

API Baselines


  • changing / editing / removing of the default baseline should ask you to build when the Ok button is pressed on the preference page the page and wizard should have help topics

Create a new API baseline

  • try completing the wizard and canceling it
  • try renaming a baseline (accepting and canceling the process)
  • try changing the location of the new baseline and resetting the profile

Edit an API baseline

  • try completing the wizard and canceling it
  • try renaming a baseline (accepting and canceling the process)

Deleting an API baseline

  • try deleting a baseline
  • try deleting select baselines
  • try deleting all baselines

Default Baseline

  • try selecting a new default baseline
  • try editing the default baseline (rename, should still be the default after rename)
  • try deleting the default baseline

Change the warning level for missing default baselines


Full Build

  • Run a full build on one project
  • markers should be updated
  • filters should be respected
  • progress messages should be correct
  • time to build should be reasonable

Run a full build on the workspace

  • builder should only run on 'API aware' projects
  • markers should be updated
  • filters should be respected
  • progress messages should be correct
  • time to build should be reasonable

Incremental Building

  • Change a dependent type
  • builder should run for dependent's
  • markers should be updated for dependent's
  • filters should be respected on type and dependent's
  • time to build should be reasonable

Unsupported Javadoc Tags

Enable the check for unsupported Javadoc tag checking. All of the given tests should produce API problems, and all content assist-available tags should not

  • add noimplement, no reference and nooverride tags to class (inner, outer, static, static inner, etc)
  • add noinstantiate, noextend, noreference and nooverride tags to an interface (annotation)
  • add noimplement, noextend and noinstantiate tags to a method
  • add noimplement, noextend, noreference and noinstantiate tags to a constructor
  • add noimplement, noextend, nooverride and noinstantiate tags to a field
  • add noimplement, noextend, noreference, nooverride and noinstantiate tags to a final field

Quick Fixes

All quick fixes should not put a project in a state of error, and should work with an existing modified editor (i.e. even if there are unsaved edits in the editor the quick-fix is being activated on)

  • Usage problems
  • Compatibility problems
  • Version problems
  • Since Tag problems
  • API Leak problems



  • Property page should have a help topic
  • Remove button should enable / disable properly

Add Filters

  • use the quick fix (and the commenting quick-fix)
  • drag & Drop in an existing filter file
  • check out a filter file from CVS
  • first added filter should cause filter file to be created immediately
  • other added filters should be written to filter file immediately
  • add / remove comments from a filter

Remove Filters

  • use the property page
    • try removing one or more filters by individually selecting filters or their parent file.
    • ensure removed filters are removed (apply change or click Ok to close the property page, and reopen)
    • canceling deleting filters should make no change
    • removing filters should rebuild the project (incremental)
    • removing last filter should remove the filter file immediately
  • drag & Drop a filter file out of the project
  • over-ride and update from CVS
  • auto-remove using the builder preference

A good test case: (1) start new workspace, (2) bring org.eclipse.ui.navigator from R3_5 branch (3) set baseline to an Eclipse 3.5.0 install.

With the above set-up now change the setting in the workspace and the project and ensure filters are automatically cleaned up or reported depending on the setting.

Share Filters

  • commit filter to CVS and check it out in another workspace
  • should update filtered problems on next rebuild (unless the filter store for the project in question is already loaded)

Unused Filters

  • create a filter for a Java element and them remove the element - problem should be reported
  • create a filter for a Java element and delete the containing compilation unit - no problem (filters are cleaned up when the filter store is initialized / workspace restarted)
  • quick-fix to remove the filter
  • quick-fix to open the property page


Invalid System Library References

Target Platform Stability Workspace Baseline

Use Scan Reference

Run The Test Suite

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