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PDE/API Tools/Java8

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This page summarizes all the work that must be done to add Java™ 8 support to API Tools.

Current Status at a Glance

Java 8 features
Default Methods Lambda Expressions Type Annotations Method References

   Completely tested

Partially tested or "requires more testing"

Not tested yet

Current Status

So far there are 4 nodes that we need to support in usage and tag scanning:

  • IntersectionType
  • LambdaExpression
  • PackageQualifiedType
  • ExtraDimension

We would require a version of ASM to be able to read the classfiles containing Java 8 bytecodes to have the delta comparator work.

Currently there is an issue open for Java 8 support in ASM, but does not appear to be worked on: ASM bug 350023

Remaining Work


How to Test

  1. Get the API tools source from the PDE UI git repo.
  2. Follow the instructions on testing the Java™ 8 support on the JDT Core wiki page.

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