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Orion/Use Cases

Orion is not just another set of developer tools. More broadly, Orion is a way of doing software development on the web. Such development invariably uses a wide variety of tools, services, and web sites. Some of these tools and services will be hosted on an Orion server, others will be hosted elsewhere -- possibly along with a small bit of glue code to facilitate integrating them with other Orion tools. As such, there are many different ways to "use Orion". This document attempts to capture some of the basic Orion usage workflows that we intend to focus on in 2011.


To facilitate discussion of these different uses of Orion, here are some proposed Orion user personas. Feel free to flesh these out with more detail, or add others.


Nathan is a web site developer. His site uses a third party hosting service that provides commodity server components. He doesn't do any server side development. His site consists of traditional web technologies such as PHP, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Nathan doesn't use any kind of source control system. He thinks Git is just a British slang word, and his idea of source control is to rely on the automatic backup services of his hosting provider.

Before Orion came along, Nathan's traditional workflow was to copy the site contents to his laptop using an SFTP client, and then use a simple text editor

JS library developer


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