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Orion/Test Pass

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There are two parts to the test pass.

1. Focus on new functionality. Testing some of these may require more digging and setup than we usually do during a test pass (hoping that item contacts will add additional "How to test" details to help testers get going). If you have questions then ask the item's listed contact.

Feature: Added syntax styling for CoffeeScript, Sass/SCSS, Less, TypeScript, SQL, properties files Contact: Grant How to test: google for some code examples in these languages, paste them in an editor, verify that the syntax styling is reasonable, adapts to changes well, etc. Testers: Chrome: Curtis, Firefox: Libing, IE: Muhammad

Feature: Orion Node Server Contact: SSQ How to test: Build it, run it Testers: Mike, Curtis, Grant

Feature: Enhancements to the standalone "CodeEdit" widget and "in-memory" tern project support on codeEdit widget Contact: Libing How to test: Self-host and ensure that both /embeddedEditor/demo/demoCodeEditTern.html and /embeddedEditor/demo/demoCodeEdit.html work (eg.- type some code into the first one and ensure that tern is working there, etc.) Testers: Chrome: Mike, Firefox: Car, Safari: Grant

Feature: ARIA content assist in HTML Contact: Car How to test: Press Ctrl+Space in the context of an HTML element's attributes, use aria-* completions Testers: Chrome: Libing, Firefox: Olivier, IE: Sidney

Feature: Cross-file linting Contact: Mike/Curtis/Olivier How to test: Verify the ability to determine whether a function is used across scripts Testers: Chrome: Eric, Firefox: Anthony, IE: Jenny - EM, AH, JH

Feature: Full ES6 support Contact: Mike/Curtis/Olivier How to test: Learn about new ES6 features, then verify our parsing, ES6 module resolution, occurrences, content assist, definitions, templates, etc. Testers: Chrome: SSQ, Firefox: Eric, Safari: Muhammad

Feature: .eslintrc.* support Contact: Mike/Curtis/Olivier How to test: The format of these is described at Mike/Curtis/Olivier do we support all of the formats? Are there pre-canned ones available you can point us at as starting points? Testers: Chrome: Grant, Firefox: Olivier, Safari: SSQ

Feature: Definition files in projects Contact: Mike/Curtis/Olivier How to test: Examples of definition files are in org.eclipse.orion.client/bundles/org.eclipse.orion.client.javascript/web/tern/defs/. I'm guessing that in general ./tern/defs is the folder to put these in for a project (Mike/Curtis/Olivier to confirm) Testers: Chrome: Anthony, Firefox: Sidney, IE: Car

Feature: Many new configuration linting rules: tern plugins not loaded, envs in use that don't match project configuration, etc. Also, quick for all of these, and gratuitous brackets, semi, etc Contact: Mike/Curtis/Olivier How to test: Mike/Curtis/Olivier can you point at some configuration files to serve as starting points? Or projects that have such files? Testers: Chrome: Jenny, Firefox: Car, IE: Eric

2. Test for breadth. Visit all of the pages, try to exercise most of the functionality, do some real development (not just clicking around). Keep an eye on the debug console for error messages. Browsers:

Chrome: Libing Sidney Mike Olivier

Firefox: Anthony Muhammad Curtis

Firefox (older version): Eric

Safari Grant SSQ

IE Car Jenny

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