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This page explains the steps necessary to get set up for self-hosting on orion.eclipse.org. This server is being used by the Orion committers to work on Orion itself.

  1. Log into orion.eclipse.org.
  2. Go to your user profile page. Enter your committer email and name in the Git section and save. This is important to do first so that Git commits are made using your committer username and can therefore be pushed back to git.eclipse.org.
  3. Click on Repositories in the top banner, then click Clone Repository in the toolbar. In the URL field, enter ssh://myCommitterId@git.eclipse.org/gitroot/e4/org.eclipse.orion.client.git (replacing your committer id of course)
  4. You'll see a confirmation dialog asking you to accept the server's RSA key. Click Yes.
  5. Next a prompt will appear asking for your eclipse.org account name and ssh password. Enter them and click OK. (Alternately you can paste in your SSH private key if you've set up public-key authentication with eclipse.org).
  6. Wait for a moment while the repository is cloned. The toolbar area will let you know when it's done.
  7. Go back to the Navigator, and verify that a new folder was created called org.eclipse.orion.client, and that it contains the Orion client code.
  8. Click on the Sites link in the header, and create a new site configuration. Enter any name. On the page for the site configuration, click on the Add… button and then while holding the Shift key, select org.eclipse.orion.client from the menu that appears. This hidden feature will create the necessary entries for self-hosting.
  9. Start the site configuration by clicking on "Start" in the toolbar.
  10. Now you can log into your new instance :-)