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Orion/Releng Builds

The Orion builds follow many of the same practices used by the Eclipse Platform Project. The builds are based on PDE/Build and run automatically on via cron job.

There is only one kind of build. Integration builds run daily from tagged repository versions. Map files are used to specify where a project is located in the repository and what version of that project to use in the build. The map files are located in the org.eclipse.orion.releng project. The builder itself performs the tagging so all the latest changes in "master" stream are picked up by every build. No manual tagging by committers is required.

Contributing changes to the build

Contributing to a build is easy, just commit your code to the master stream of the Orion repository and it will be included in the next integration build.

Setting up your workspace

  1. See Orion/Getting the source for instructions on how to set up your workspace to work with Orion source code.
  2. Import 'org.eclipse.orion.releng' into your workspace. It is located in the org.eclipse.orion.server.git repository under the releng folder.

Contributing your changes

Once you have made code changes, you can contribute them to the Integration build as follows:

  • Commit your changes to the local repository and push them to the master
git commit -a -m "fix lots of bugs"                   #commits all changes
git push                                              #push local commits to the master


How often do I need to tag?

You don't need to tag every commit. Changes only need to be tagged when a build is scheduled. I-builds are scheduled to run Monday Night/early Tuesday morning, changes should be tagged and map files updated at the end of day Monday. For high-traffic projects that many people are working on, it is good to coordinate who will tag those projects. For low-traffic bundles that rarely get changed, sometimes it is good to tag right away when a change is made so that you don't forget later.

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