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Orion/Plugin API Changes/R0.5

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This page describes breaking changes occurring to the Plugin API overall, as well as API changes to service extensions that will break plugins.

Orion Plugin API Changes

We expect breaking changes in the Plugin API (plugin.js) in 0.5. However those changes are not yet implemented in 0.5M1.

Orion Service Extension Changes

Changes to individual service extensions introduced in 0.5 require modification of plugins to run on Orion 0.5. Some older Orion plugins will not function properly without modification on Orion 0.5.

Item validation and URI generation

The way that plugins validate metadata and compose URI's from metadata has changed. These changes affect the following service extensions.

  • orion.navigate.command
  • orion.edit.command
  • orion.page.link
  • orion.page.link.related
  • orion.navigate.openWith

The changes are as follows: