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This document is a place to brainstorm about what we want to do in 0.5.

As of February 16th, 2012 this is a really simple list. Please add as you wish any categories or items. Over the next two weeks this list will become more formalized.


Most of the work in Orion should fall under some agreed upon themes for the release. This is a working list of ideas. If some themes can be coalesced into others that is fine. To start this is a fairly large list which needs to be prioritized.

Language Tooling

  • Parsers, Languages, Highlighting, Refactoring, etc.


  • 3rd Party Libraries existing upgrades and new libraries.
    • dojo 1.7 requires testing/removing workarounds
  • Authentication
  • Localization (i18N)
  • Accessibility
  • Search
  • Compare
  • Additional File Systems
  • Plugin Model and Architecture for describing, identifying, discovering and installing
  • Preferences, UI, how does a plugin describe the user-changeable preferences
  • Editor - bidi
  • URI Templates
  • Command line console bug 369608 [Kris]
  • Access to server logs and stacktraces bug 372034
  • Generic mechanism for cross page communication bug 372045
  • Sequenced tasks
  • Visual plugin, delegated content, and shell services (see wiki discussion) bug 372914

User Experience

  • Workflows, URI Template usage across sites
  • Improve workflow for accepting contributions from github bug 369591 [Szymon]
  • Integrate with GitHub and Gerrit review flow bug 372486
  • Mobile experience
  • Landing page (deferred from .4)
  • Unify look & feel of all Git pages [Szymon, Libing]
  • Unify/formalize use of section outliners, section replacement [Susan, Szymon, Anton] bug 368848
  • Improve progress reporting bug 371261


  • Improve build capabilities to remove reliance on shell access bug 348575 [John]
  • testing infrastructure
    • page level verification

Git support


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